Single Keyword Ad Groups: How They Maximise ROI

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Name: Aimee-Leigh Prince
Position: Marketing Manager
From: Portsmouth, UK
Expertise: Social & AdWords

What You’ll Find In This Post…

  • What single keyword ad groups are
  • A full list of benefits for using this method
  • Top tips of how to enhance your campaigns

If you aren’t already using single keyword ad groups on Google AdWords then you are missing out! A lot of manuals, including Google, will encourage you to use multiple keywords within a single ad group, however here at ShineRank we believe that for maximum ROI single keyword ad groups are the way forward.

For information on choosing the correct keyword match type for your campaign click here.

Google advises using 5-20 keywords per ad group, however the more keywords you use the higher the risk of your ad being of low relevance; affecting your quality score and conversions.

So what are the benefits for using single keyword ad groups?

There are many reasons why using single keyword ad groups will make your investments stretch further, including:

Improved CTR’s

  • When using single keyword ad groups your CTR’s will improve. This is due to your ad being optimised for one single keyword, meaning relevance is higher.

Top Tip: include your keyword in both the headline and domain of your ad

Easier Analysis

  •  Keeping your campaign as streamlined as possible makes for easier analysis and using single keyword ad groups is the best way to do this. You are able to properly pin point any areas for improvement and make changes easily.

Higher Relevance

  • Refining your ad to just one single keyword means that the relevance will be higher as your ad will only show when the consumer searches a specific keyword. This in return means a better quality score with higher ad ranking.

Top Tip: make sure your keyword matches the ad copy

Control Over Bid

  •  Having single keyword ad groups enables you to choose a specific bid for a specific keyword and is easier to read and control.

Control Over Landing Page

  • Having your landing page designed for one keyword means it can be relevant to the exact consumer needs. For example if your keyword is +white +wooden +shutters then you have a clear understanding of what should be shown in your landing page. Enabling this means that conversions are much more likely to happen.

Top Tip: make sure you are referencing your keyword in the landing page


  • Finally, if you are like me and need everything to be neat and organised then single keyword ad groups are a must!

So as you can see, single keyword ad groups affects almost every part of your campaign in a positive way and can maximise ROI. Initially, creating the groups may be a pain but the results are definitely worth it!

Top Tip: Use a spreadsheet to do bulk uploads on AdWords to make your life easier. To download bulk upload spreadsheets and a simple guide sign into AdWords and  click here.

If you are still not 100% convinced that single keyword ad groups are the way forward why not do a test? Create a single keyword ad group, making sure the ad copy matches the keyword, then create a new ad group with multiple keywords and see which one performs best. I know which ad I would put my money on.

The Author

Name: Aimee-Leigh Prince
Position: Marketing Manager
Email: [email protected]
Expertise: Social & AdWords