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Many markets exist where advertising on a single occasion to a prospect is unlikely to yield positive results. Typically in situations where buyer decisions are slow, non-impulsive and usually involve consideration of a number of suppliers, it can be extrenely helpful to be able to re-advertise to those prospects that have previously visited your website, reminding them of the powerful benefits your solution has to offer over others.

This is where Remarketing comes in and can be an extremely effective tool in generating high returns from previously lost prospect opportunities once they leave your website.


AdWords Remarketing

When many users search on Google, they do so with the intention of visiting two or more websites.  With this in mind, it can be frustrating paying for the click of an eager prospect, only to lose them to the buying process. Google Remarketing allows you to follow your warmest prospects after they leave your website, displaying targeted ads on selected pages of thousands of 3rd party websites within the Google Display Network.


Facebook Ads

Just as Google Remarketing allows you to follow prospects that have visited your website with adverts on the Google Display Network, Facebook lets you do the same on the largest social media platform. A Facebook pixel in your website places a small cookie on the users’ device, enabling Facebook to display your ads to those users as they browse the social platform.

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For every £1 invested with ShineRank, I have made at least £4 back. They are undoubtedly the best marketing strategy and SEO agency I have dealt with, continually offering me sound decision-making, impressive productivity and unique expertise. I am pleased to consider their team an extension of mine.

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