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Pay Per Click Bid Calculator

Because Adwords and Pay Per Click Campaigns involve bidding against competitors, it’s important to know what you can afford per click to ensure your campaign can deliver optimum success and remain financially viable.

Use the tool below to get an idea of your maximum bids.

If you are unsure of the answers, this tool can be used as a guide to identify the information you should be researching to prepare for a PPC campaign. Please contact our team for assistance.

1) What’s the goal of your website?
2) Roughly what % of your web visits convert?
3) Roughly what % of your enquries lead to business?
4) What is your average order value? £ / $ / €
5) On average, how many times does a typical customer return to buy from you?
6) What’s your rough average profit margin?

Your Maximum Bid £ / $ / €

Based on the information provided, this is the maximum you should bid to ensure a financially viable Pay Per Click campaign.

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