LinkedIn Lead Generation: M-Brain UK

Using LinkedIn To Find Targeted Prospects

1,055% return on Investment

M-Brain UK approached ShineRank with the brief to generate 45+ new business leads within a 3 month period.

Our team consulted the clients’ senior sales team members to gain a clear understanding of their ideal prospects, their prospects’ needs and the ways their highest value business is usually generated.

Following the consultation process, our team created a project spec and began our research.

M-Brain UK supplies media and market intelligence solutions and our team quickly identified LinkedIn as a suitable platform for engaging their target prospects, due to LinkedIn’s corporate and business to business user membership.

From previous experience, we knew that LinkedIn messaging was an effective method for outreaching to targeted prospects in a private and professional manner and chose to adopt this method for the campaign.

Identifying the Prospects

Our team built a highly refined list of the customers’ prospects using LinkedIn’s advanced boolean search filters. This list was sent to the customer for approval and became the basis of our lead generation campaign.

Crafting the Message

Our inhouse copywriters created a simple and compelling message funnel that quickly caught the attention of prospects and compelled them to take positive actions of intent.  As the campaign progressed, our copywriters A/B tested message copy variants to test best performance.

84 Qualified Leads Generated

The campaign leads volume surpassed the project brief by 186% and the customer generated a return on investment in excess of 1,055% (lifetime ROI yet to be realised).

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“For every £1 spent with ShineRank, I have made many back.  They are by far the best marketing agency I have ever worked with.”

Lee West, Managing Director, M-Brain UK & Middle East

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