3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Lead Generation Is A Necessity

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Name: Aimee-Leigh Prince
Position: Marketing Manager
From: Portsmouth, UK
Expertise: Social & AdWords

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  • Why you should be using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation
  • How to utilise LinkedIn messaging
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If you’re not on LinkedIn already then I only have one question. Why?! LinkedIn is rising up each year to become the primary way of connecting with business professionals and currently has more than 467 million users.

With 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute content it’s no wonder it’s becoming one of the most popular social platforms for professional and business networking. But it’s not just making sure you have an ‘all star’ profile, as LinkedIn likes to call it. Having a lot of connections is great and all but what’s the point if you’re not utilising those prospects for lead generation? Basically, you NEED to be reaching out and messaging people with an enticing offer to generate sales leads.

If you’re new to the whole LinkedIn hype or are sat at home wondering if you should even bother creating a free account I’ve pinpointed the top 3 reasons why LinkedIn lead generation is a necessity for any B2B business.


Almost everyone who is anyone in the business world has a LinkedIn profile. This means that you can connect with (or at least try to) anyone who you would like to do business with. From MD’s to CEO’s to Assistants and PA’s it seems that everyone is already using the social media platform to their advantage. Want to know the best thing about being on LinkedIn? No gatekeepers! That’s right. I know what it’s like in the good ol’ B2B sales calling industry. You’re desperately hoping that the next call will be Mr. Prospect but instead all you get is Joe Bloggs, telling you yet again to leave a message. It gets frustrating because well, in how many instances does Mr. Prospect actually receive your message and if they have, chances of them getting back to you is low because you never received the opportunity to pitch yourself properly. LinkedIn is a sure safe way to say goodbye to those gatekeepers by allowing you to send connection requests to the people you actually want to do business with. Owners, directors, managers. They are all on LinkedIn, free to message with your fantastic unique offering. And this brings me on nicely to my next point…


LinkedIn messaging can be super effective. You just need 2 things; a unique offering and a solid invite message. I know that this can be hard to do in 300 characters or less but if you nail it then the results will be amazing. Remember, you don’t need to give away all your juicy secrets in the invitation message, just enough to get the prospect intrigued so they accept your request. Once you have been accepted that’s when you dive in with the full details of your offering.

So you’ve managed to get the prospect to accept you’re invitation? That’s great, but unfortunately it’s not enough. The prospect may reply to your invitation message with interest and then the conversation can flow from there but if they don’t (remember, people can get a tonne of invites a day) then you need a pretty awesome post-connection message to show that you have something different, unique and most importantly, something of value to the prospect. When sending out a post-connection message I have found the following points to be useful:

  • Use bullet points
  • Add a link to your website
  • Use the following sign off:

Your Name | Job Title | Company Name

Telephone | email | company website

Remember that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn so now more than ever you need to be utilising the messaging platform to start generating sales. I’m going to be honest, the competition is strong, so it is pretty vital that your messaging technique is on point 100%.

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I’m not saying you should go ahead and blast out messages to anyone and everyone on LinkedIn..that is a guaranteed way to get your profile blocked and let’s be honest, you don’t want to be THAT guy. What I’m saying is that LinkedIn is a great way to network with the right people you want to do business with and is quickly becoming the most popular way to generate B2B leads. LinkedIn search enables you to create lists of super targeted prospects, specific to the locations and industries of your choice so it’s no wonder people are loving it, right?

LinkedIn also allows you to use Boolean search, a type of search that lets you combine keywords with operators & modifiers (AND, OR, NOT). This is the best possible way of finding prospects that are perfectly suited to your business and also means you are not contacting irrelevant people with an offering that is of no interest to them. No need to waste yours or anyone else’s time.

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And that’s it for now. If I haven’t convinced you with my top 3 reasons of why LinkedIn is a great way of generating B2B leads, why not contact us.

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The Author

Name: Aimee-Leigh Prince
Position: Marketing Manager
Email: [email protected]
Expertise: Social & AdWords