Case Study: Best Bonds

Financial Marketing Supremacy

567% Return on Investment

Amyma Investments t/a has been operating in the UK investment markets for 17+ years and is renowned for introducing investors to some of the UK’s leading high yield bonds and ISAs.

Operating in a hyper competitive market, with some top level competitive keywords costing over £30 per click, Amyma needed to find a way to cost effectively reach new customers and generate leads without breaking the bank.

Within 12 months, our team helped the customer generate over 567% [*now higher] return on investment (ROI).  This was achieved through layered combinations of search marketing, In-Market display campaigns and Remarketing.

As a result of our work, the customer has been able to generate revenues to increase operations and expand their workforce.


“The talent within their team never ceases to impress us. Their reliable attitude and seamless productivity makes them a pleasure to work with.”

Harvey Knight, Managing Director, Amyma t/a

Channels Split

  • Adwords
  • Display
  • Organic
  • Remarketing

Conversions %

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May


  • ROI

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