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862% return on Investment

Optimising Web Pages To Increase Online Conversion Rates

862% return on Investment

M-Brain global approached ShineRank with the brief to increase on page website conversions.

The customer had historically generated low conversion rates due to its’ industry’s high volumes of informational web traffic; M-Brain provide market and media intelligence solutions and many users search the web looking for free reports.

The customer wanted us to design a way of enabling their commercial web traffic (users seeking products or services) to convert more effectively.

At the time the project began, the websites online conversion rate was 0.15%.

Project Roadmap

Our team began with research and identified a number of ways the conversion rates could be improved.

Presenting the solutions and benefits more clearly
Streamlining the website navigation to support ease of use
Use of compelling imagery to enhance visual impact
Enhancing mobile display
Enhancing page load speed
Utilising clearer calls to action
Strategic arrangement of contact options (forms, email and telephone)
Ongoing analysis through Google Analytics to measure impact of changes

Project Deployment

The customer approved the project plan and work was deployed throughout the following six weeks. An agile methodology was adopted, involving frequent deployment and testing to ensure the change impact was positive.

Conversion Rate Increase of 613%

Following project completion, the customers on page conversion rate increased to 0.92%, reflecting a 6-fold increase.

The customer has so far generated an 862% return on investment (lifetime ROI yet to be realised).

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