AdWords For Estate Agents: How To Create A Campaign That Really Works

Naomi Couper

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Name: Naomi Couper
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  • How to create profitable campaigns to sell more houses.
  • Gain more visibility and conversions.
  • Beat your competitors and increase market share.
  • Eliminate reliance on Rightmove & Zoopla and create a lead generation channel that you own and control through Google.

AdWords For Estate Agents: How To Create A Campaign That Really Works

Google Ads are everywhere; on our computers, phones and even across our favourite websites. So why should you be using the Google AdWords platform for your estate agency? According to Wishpond, for every $1 spent on the platform, the average business generates $2 in revenue making it the perfect tool to generate more viewings and bookings. However, with Google constantly evolving the platform and adding new features, it can be both stressful and time-consuming to create effective ads.

The digital landscape is awash with competitor Estate Agencies competing for an increase in leads, therefore, just like any other business, Google AdWords for Estate Agents requires nothing less than a considered approach and tapping into the wealth of custom audience options.

Why AdWords?

When executed correctly, an AdWords campaign can prove to be extremely profitable. It gives you a way of reaching the top of Google for the most in-demand search terms within your sector. Ranking at the top of Google for competitive property-related keywords allows you to:

 – Get ahead of competitors

 – Receive instant visibility from customers actively searching for your services

 – Book more viewings and increase conversions 

 – Measure closely what it delivers meaning better control of your lead generation process

 – Use the conversion data to make well-informed decisions in other aspects of your marketing

 – Relieve reliance on third party sites like Zoopla & Rightmove and create a lead generation channel that puts

    you in complete control   

Unlike other online advertising platforms like Facebook where targeting is predominantly driven by interests, Google AdWords allows you to target based on audience intent. Not only does the platform allow you to choose the search terms that will trigger your ads, but its choice of ready-made and customisable audiences prove invaluable in driving those all important conversions.

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The Types of Audiences

Use Remarketing to Reach Visitors that weren’t Ready to Pull the Trigger


Not every user that visits your website will be ready to make an enquiry or booking the first time around – especially in an industry that requires the user to carry out extensive research before reaching a decision. Remarketing is a service provided by Google that is perfect for showing your adverts to users that weren’t ready to pull the trigger on previous visits. With 70% of website visitors who are retargeted with display ads being more likely to convert, utlising this targeting method is a sure-fire way to improve your conversion-rate – especially when paired with an engaging advert.

Show your primed-audience adverts containing content they didn’t see the first time around, try using:

– Offers & Discounts

– Eye-Catching Imagery

– Impressive, Attention Grabbing Statistics

– Showcase Unique Selling Points of your Agency

Your call to action on these adverts should be simple, yet actionable. With a little bit of effort, you can make remarketing even more impactful.

Utilise Inmarket Audiences

Inmarket Audiences

In-market audiences are users that are “actively researching” products. But how does Google know whether someone is In-Market? According to the 2014 Think with Google blog, the official definition is:

To qualify someone as being in-market for a specific product or service, Google takes into account clicks on related ads and subsequent conversions, along with the content of the sites and pages they visit and the recency and frequency of the visits. In this way, Google accurately categorizes users so you can target those most interested in your offerings.

So why is this great news for Estate Agencies? Simple. Google has over 500 In-Market categories to choose from, 8 of which being primarily real estate focussed – these include:

– Real Estate

– Commercial Properties

– Commercial Properties (For Rent)

– Commercial Properties (For Sale)

– Moving and Relocation

– Residential Properties

– Residential Properties (For Rent)

– Residential Properties (For Sale)

Click here to view the full list of In-Market Audiences.

This host of ready-populated real-estate focused audiences makes Google’s In-Market targeting option the perfect way to ensure that your adverts are reaching users that are most likely to be interested in your offering, therefore reducing the risk of wasted budget on irrelevant clicks.

Make Use of The Latest Custom Intent Feature

Custom Intent

Custom Intent audiences for the Google Display network was rolled out in November 2017, and it’s the most targeted audience option to date. Custom Intent Audiences offer you more control, allowing you to create your own audience based on keywords and URLs that your audience is actively researching, as opposed to selecting the pre-defined audiences in Google’s In-Market option.

To ensure razor-sharp targeting when using the Custom Intent method, take some time to pick your URLs and keywords carefully. Consider using keywords and search terms with the highest volume of traffic from previous campaigns, as well as the URLs of the top placements on previous Display Network campaigns.

Bonus Tip: Did you know that you can target users based on Parental Status too? Try targeting users with children in combination with any of the above audiences and adjust your location targeting to capture users looking for properties within school catchment areas. Don’t forget to create relevant and compelling ad copy!

Wrapping Up Google AdWords Audiences

Unfortunately, it’s likely that your competitors may also be ultilising these audiences so you’ve got to stand apart in your adverts and up your marketing game by advertising a USP. What makes your agency services better than your competitors? Are your fees less?

Google’s Audiences can give you an unparalleled opportunity to reach more potential customers that are ready to make a buying decision. There’s no doubt that Google’s algorithms know more about our customer’s behaviour than we as marketers could ever know, so take advantage of this and start creating positive results for your Estate Agency!

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Naomi Couper

The Author

Name: Naomi Couper
Position: Social Director
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Expertise: Social & Adwords